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We Desire for the Lord to Use the People of our Church to Be SOUL WINNERS!   We Believe People Need the Lord!  

Our City is Full of Hurting Broken People who need to Hear of the Salvation and Healing of our Lord Jesus!

We Know that if We can get a hold of the Lord, through the Power of "Praying through" that Miracles can happen in those Peoples lives!   Marriages can be Changed, Families can be Changed, People Can be Changed with just the Touch of the Hand of God! 


Our Vision is to Help People Grow in Righteousness and Godliness!  We know that Only God can Change our Hearts and make us Ready to go to Heaven!   He can take us as Broken People and make us into Soul winners that are sensitive to voice of God!


Lead Pastor - Rev Paul Thomas has been in Ministry for over 50 Years.  His insight and Dedication crosses all generations. Being Educated at Lee College in the 1970's He experienced Revival as it was in the Early days of Pentecost.

Lead Pastor - Rev Gary Thomas is a Lead pastor and has been in Ministry all his life.  Rev. Gary Thomas was Educated at Ozark Bible Institute and College in Neosho, MO  


Our Bus Ministry helps our Community by bringing the less fortunate to Church to Experience God!   We also have dinners for the Community from time to time to help introduce the Neighborhoods to our Church!


Drama by Souls Harbor Church, Colorado Springs!

Easter is an Awesome time We Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!

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